Coupon Code

Coupon Code

As a returning customer of Pharmacy XL you already might have noticed that we always automatically provide you 10% OFF on your next purchases. However if you are not yet a returning customer, we are happy for those who take the little extra effort and follow us on social media at Facebook, Twitter, Gab or at our Blog to provide a coupon code which also gives you 10% discount above 100 USD and 5% discount below 100 USD.

Pharmacy XL coupon code

Coupon code / Discount Code : neu6Wt386N

This unique discount code is valid on all products at Pharmacy XL and there are no restrictions for countries, prices etc … At our online pharmacy we always have the customer on the first place, so also with this action code we want to keep it simple and straight and all we want is to provide you with the lowest possible prices for medicines, not compromising on the quality and service. Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to use it!

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